Heavy-Duty Hangers

As Tough As You Are

Tough Hook heavy-duty hangers hold over 150 pounds of climbing, mountaineering, tactical, and first-response gear for professionals and hobbyists alike. They stand up to weight, pressure, weather, and brute force, and they always come back for more.

Count on our hangers to hold and carry your adventure and professional gear all day every day.

Don't worry - Tough Hook can hang.

Tough Hook

Can Go Anywhere

Make Tough Hook heavy-duty hangers part of your travel pack,
keep them in your locker, hang them at your duty station, or include them as part of your next great adventure. Where ordinary hangers fail, Tough Hook heavy-duty hangers thrive.

Tough Hooks are already on store shelves all over the U.S. See where our dealers call home.

See What

Tough Hook Is Made of

Tools, survival gear, high-weight uniforms, body armor, camping accessories - never has a hanger been so ready to stand up to so much of life.

Tough Hook heavy-duty hangers aren't just for high-risk professionals; our hangers make life easier for hikers, bikers, swimmers, campers, military, police, first-response, and anyone else who lives to the fullest.

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Tough Hook Goes Anywhere













About Tough Hook

All Tough Hooks and their labels are proudly produced in the USA by men and women who have served in law enforcement, military, first-response, and other high-demand professions that ensure the freedom and safety of our nation and its people.

We are professionals and adventurers just like you, and our products are made to serve the needs of people from all walks of life.