August 29, 2013

Q. Where is the Tough Hook made?

A. All Tough Hooks and their lables are proudly produced in the USA.


Q. What is the Tough Hook made from?

A. GP22 high impact ABS plastic.


Q. Is the Tough Hook as durable as you say?

A. Yes.


Q. How much weight can the Tough Hook really support?

A. The Tough Hook was designed to support 120 lb and rough day to day use. There have been no definitive tests by a third party to test the actual load bearing capabilities, however informal test have shown the Tough Hook supporting well over 200 lb.


Q. Is the Tough Hook covered by any warranty? 

A. Yes. If your Tough Hook ever breaks, bends, melts, warps, cracks or fails you in any way we'll send you a new one. If for any reason you are ever unsatisfied with the product we will refund your purchase. 





New Website..

This being our first week with this new website there have been some hiccups. We are working through them one by one. If you experience any problems at all - especially with shipping the calculator- please email us directly at

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